Originally established in 1953 Barr and Harris Surveyors are proudly based in Matamata and enjoy serving the wider Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. We are well placed to meet the needs of your project, drawing on our extensive experience in the land development and subdivision industry.

Key Personnel

Gavin Harris

[email protected]


  • Bachelor of Surveying Degree – Otago University 1989
  • Registered as a Surveyor 1993
  • Accredited L.I.N.Z Surveyor
  • Member of N.Z Consulting Surveyors and N.Z Institute of Surveyors.
  • Registered Professional Surveyor status including continuing professional development requirements.

Gavin has been the Principal of Barr and Harris Surveyors Ltd since 1994. He is responsible for the overall management of the business and is the first contact for the majority of project enquiries.

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His expertise and experience includes preparation of resource consent applications, preparation for and presentation at planning hearings since the introduction of the Resource Management Act 1991.

He has 34 years’ experience in all aspects of legal survey work including “limited parcels”, Maori land, survey office plans, unit title and standard “L.T” surveys. Assessed in highest ranking for experience and legal dataset preparation in the latest Land Information N.Z processing system ratings. He has overseen engineering design and contracts supervision for various land development projects from 1990 to the present including residential, industrial and commercial subdivision, retirement villages, shopping centres and other land development projects.

David Erb

Senior Survey Technician
[email protected]

David is responsible for the allocation and organisation of our field survey resources. He assesses the requirements and identifies the most efficient method of achieving desired results. This can include GPS real time or post process survey, total station survey, spatial information digitising from aerial photography or other database sources.

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David began work in 1989 at the South Waikato District Council as a trainee engineer and surveyor. He completed his Technician training during this time and completed engineering and legal survey requirements for the Council. David was made responsible for all aspects of survey, plan and contract preparation for tendering for the South Waikato District Council services and road construction and maintenance contracts.

From 1999 to 2001 David was the Survey and Contract Manager for Excel at Tirau. From 2002 to the present he has had further specialised surveying training and completed a range of engineering, topographical and land transfer surveys including unit titles, fee simple subdivision, cross leases, limited parcel surveys and redefinitions.

David has particular expertise in set out and topographical surveys including the manipulation of data between the various survey software packages including 12D Software and AutoCAD.

Mike Bellamy

Project Engineer
[email protected]


  • NZDE
  • NZIM Dip Project Management

Mike has been employed as a Project Engineer at Barr and Harris Surveyors since 2016. His role at Barr and Harris Surveyors is focused around all aspects of subdivision engineering design, council approval, construction supervision and administration, and end of project compliance.

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His skill set and supporting qualifications in both project management and engineering overlap well for this roll.

During his time at Barr and Harris Surveyors Mike has managed this process for the delivery of over 250 residential lots across various sites. Prior to employment at Barr and Harris Surveyors he had extensive experience managing large engineering projects in the quarrying and mining sector across New Zealand and Australia

Pam Froger

Office Administration
[email protected]

Pam is the first point of contact for enquiries. Pam maintains the office job management system and coordinates job inputs. Pam is also responsible for the office accounts preparation and issue. Pam is the contact for subdivision consent processing matters and is also responsible for compilation of completion certificate requirements for subdivisions.