Residential Greenfields Subdivision
Evergreen Estate, Banks Road, Matamata.

This project involved obtaining consent for subdivision into 42 residential lots on a site initially zoned Rural. Barr and Harris Surveyors Ltd provided evidence and specialised input for the re-zoning and subdivision consent process, completed all engineering design, contract supervision and legal survey requirements. Barr and Harris Surveyors Ltd completed a post earthworks geotechnical report for building construction. Key features of this development included cooperation with the Matamata Piako District Council to achieve simultaneous upgrades of existing local roads and services which were also designed and supervised by Barr and Harris Surveyors Ltd. The development included a large underground stormwater storage/soakage system utilising a deep trench, “aqua” tunnels, geotextile layers, and rock fill combined with unique access and cleaning features.

Key Personnel

Gavin Harris

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Andrew Holroyd

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David Erb

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Manwell Haumu

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Pam Froger

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